«On this account the more delightful, as it was the  more longed for, was the rocky site of Terracina ; and scarcely  had we congratulated ourselves at the sight of it, than we  caught a view of the sea beyond. Immediately afterwards the  other side of the mountain city presented to our eye a vegetation quite new to us. The Indian figs were pushing their large fleshy leaves amidst the grey green of dwarf myrtles, the yellowish green of the pomegranate, and the pale green  of the olive. As we passed along, we noticed both flowers  and shrubs quite new to us. On the meadows the narcissus  and the adonis were in flower. For a long time the sea was  on our right, while close to us on the left ran an unbroken  range of limestone rocks» Johann Wolfgang Goethe



The house is located on the main floor of the historic Palazzo Venditti (XIII c.), in a very central point for the discovery of the ancient city of Terracina between the sea and its millennia of history.

Overlooking the Roman Forum (now the Town Hall Square) and adjacent to the Cathedral dedicated to San Cesareo the house faces the Bishop Palace and the Tower ‘Frumentaria’ or ‘dei Rosa’ (now the Civic Museum).



Palazzo Venditti is build on the splendid Municipio square which retains the original paving of the Roman Forum, in large slabs of local limestone dating back to about 2,000 years ago. Engraved on the plates they can still see different inscriptions: the most interesting, extended across the width of the square from north to south is the signature of the patron who wanted the work, probably a wealthy magistrate named Emilio.



Domuscula and Domus Maior holiday homes allow you to enjoy various activities: from sea ( beach, islands, nature reserves ) to cultural activities ( important is the historical, artistic and archaeological heritage ), from the gastronomic-enological ones ( fish cuisine and local wine Moscato ). The middle position between Naples and Rome offers the opportunity of art tours to some of the most important Italian sites, reachable in a day by public transport.